Don’t spend hours every morning stressing about whether you’re working that day or not.

Be notified of jobs as soon as they’re available (and never miss an opportunity again).
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Professional Teaching Solutions
We know the life of a relief teacher can be a bit chaotic.
Having to book any job that comes along just so you can put money in the bank that week, navigating a new system or stack of paperwork for every school, the stressful 8am phone calls about last-minute work opportunities…
Or, worse, no opportunities.
Take control of your schedule, stop signing up for relief teacher agencies outside your district, access all the resources you need, and start booking work on your terms.
Put your hand up for a stress-free teaching schedule
Professional Teaching Solutions

I have worked with PTS for over two years and have found their service to be extremely beneficial to my career. They handle any requests promptly, communication is always clear and excellent; nothing was too much trouble. They willingly passed on any feedback from schools I had worked at and always endeavoured to match me with the best fit school/ class for me.


Casual Relief Teacher

Professional Teaching Solutions is the ultimate relief teacher toolkit

A calendar so you can schedule your availability and see all your bookings in one place

Your profile, which you can update any time

A spot to upload all your qualifications and permits

Options for selecting your preferred schools and specialities

Notification settings, so you can choose whether you want to receive calls about last-minute opportunities as they come in of a morning, or emails in advance of planned absences

Your timesheets and payslips

Extra resources, including newsletters and free training and information sessions

Streamlining your schedule while simplifying your life and leaving you more time for actual teaching?

We think that deserves a gold star

Signing up is easier than finding a carpark on your first day, even if you get there half an hour early!

Pop your details in the form below and we’ll send you a welcome pack with all the info you need to get set up in the system. After signing your contract and saying hi to us on a Zoom call, you’ll be all ready to book your first relief teacher job… and then a whole lot more after that.

And if you have questions or need support along the way, that’s what we’re here to offer.

It’s time to teach on your terms.

Professional Teaching Solutions
Jodie Abbott | Professional Teaching Solutions

As a teacher and Warrnambool local, Jodie Abbott knows first-hand all about the stress of being a relief teacher with an uncertain schedule.

Professional Teaching Solutions was her answer to everything – and since 2013 she has built relationships with local schools and relief teachers and simplified the communication gap between them.

In fact, registering with Professional Teaching Solutions is the only way to get your name down for local, government school relief teaching jobs in our area.

And if one of those schools needs someone long term?

We’ll miss you on our books but we’ll 100% put you forward for a longer-term teaching job – the kind that’s perfect for you.

And we’ll make your to teaching life so much easier.

What we offer Teachers

A cloud-based, real-time database of your schools and bookings

The ability to build a profile and include qualifications and speciality subjects

Scheduling capabilities, so you can choose when you want to work (and when you want a sleep-in)

Online timesheets and payslips

Pick your preferred schools

Be notified instantly of any available job postings

Your pay is above award rate and we’re paid by the schools – you don’t lose anything from your pay packet


Free professional development sessions each term AND

Our termly email full of PD opportunities, industry news, and networking.



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