Why waste hours finding a last-minute relief teacher...

...when you could be doing it with the click of a button, instead?
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Professional Teaching Solutions
Professional Teaching Solutions is your one-stop system for great local schools to find relief teachers and support staff at the press of a button. Finding a relief teacher usually takes a whole lot of effort (and a little bit of luck).
Professional Teaching Solutions takes the stress out of it,
whether you need a teacher right now
or you’re planning coverage for an extended absence.
With the click of a button, and accessible from anywhere, you can reach a whole network of relief teachers, and book someone for the job in less time than it takes to photocopy a lesson plan.
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Professional Teaching Solutions

Professional Teaching Solutions lets you see which teachers in the Warrnambool area are available for casual relief teaching or specialist or support staff relief,

In real time.

No more guesswork or crossing your fingers.

Just a simple, stress-free booking system offering  reliable, qualified teachers.

Get access to A+ relief teachers with the click of a button

Sue and Jodie are very welcoming and helpful in providing great schools and give great advice and resources such as professional development to help develop who you are as a teacher as well as your skills while still doing casual teaching. I wouldn’t do casual teaching any other way


Casual Relief Teacher

Part of every school's toolkit

A calendar so you can see all your bookings in one spot

A job request system – simply input the details and you’ll immediately be matched with all the relief teachers that meet your needs

The ability to pick your preferred teachers

Advanced scheduling ability. Planning coverage for maternity leave later in the year? Book your relief teacher now with the click of a button

Peace of mind, as all teachers in the Professional Teaching Solutions system are vetted in advance so you know their qualifications are current

Every hurdle you’ve ever encountered in sourcing a relief teacher has now been overcome.

With Professional Teaching Solutions you can take comfort in knowing your students are in safe hands, and spend your energy on all those important things you never had the time for until now.

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Jodie Abbott | Professional Teaching Solutions

As a teacher and Warrnambool local, Jodie Abbott knows first-hand the struggles that schools face in trying to find relief teachers on short notice. And the stress of being a relief teacher with an uncertain schedule.

Professional Teaching Solutions was her answer to everything – and since 2013 she has built relationships with local schools and relief teachers and simplified the communication gap between them.

And now it’s your turn to make your teaching  and school admin life easier.

What we offer Schools

A cloud-based, real-time database of your relief teachers and bookings

Advanced scheduling capabilities, so you can book teachers for anything from casual one day vacancies to long-term jobs such as maternity cover

Timesheet approval in one spot

Find a relief teacher at the push of a button – no more spending hours ringing around

Pick your preferred teachers (and even your non-preferred ones)

No more insurance or qualification checks; everything is handled in advance by Professional Teaching Solutions

Speed up your booking process by sending requests for multiple relief teachers at once

Freeing up your mornings for actual work instead of chasing up relief teachers that might not even be available?

We think that deserves a gold star



ready to fill in



in our network



to confirm a relief teacher

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