You’re a fantastic school.
We have fantastic teachers.

It’s as easy as that (and the click of a button).
If you are a relief teacher, or you’re a school looking for a relief teacher in the Warrnambool District or South West area, you’ll love our simple and reliable way to connect.
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Professional Teaching Solutions
Professional Teaching Solutions is your one-stop system for great local schools to find relief teachers and support staff at the press of a button. We work with motivated, high-quality, and organised individuals to deliver schools, and our local children, the very best fit between school and staff.
The only scramble you want first thing in the morning is your eggs at breakfast time – so take the stress out of the school and teacher match-up with our easy-to-use online system.
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Professional Teaching Solutions

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Staffing shortages aren’t on anyone’s To Do list!
Professional Teaching Solutions

Help for Schools

One of your teachers has called in sick and you’ve got an hour to find a relief teacher. Rather than calling the handful of names on your list, finding them all unavailable, and having to find an ineffective workaround, why not simply access a real-time database of relief teachers and solve your problem

within minutes?

It really is that simple.

With Professional Teaching Solutions, you can even choose from specialist teachers, edit bookings, approve timesheets, and flag your favourite relief teachers and support staff. You can book teachers at the click of a button for that day, or book them months in advance.

All of which makes managing your relief a super simple process.

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Professional Teaching Solutions

Jobs for relief teachers

It can be tricky, being a relief teacher. Maybe you’re still new to teaching and haven’t built relationships with local schools yet, maybe you only want to worka couple of days a week (and remain undisturbed by 7am phone calls on your days off), maybe it’s a pain managing paperwork for so many employers.

It’s for these reasons, and many more, Professional Teaching Solutions was developed. Designed to take the hassle out of finding work, it allows you to create and maintain an up-to-the-minute profile on our cloud database, pick your availability and specialist areas, and be notified immediately of any positions that will suit you.

You can sleep easy at night, knowing you don’t have to stress about what the next morning will bring and you’re increasing your job opportunities at brilliant schools without doing a thing.

Find out how to get started

Sue and Jodie are very welcoming and helpful in providing great schools and give great advice and resources such as professional development to help develop who you are as a teacher as well as your skills while still doing casual teaching. I wouldn’t do casual teaching any other way


Casual Relief Teacher

Jodie Abbott | Professional Teaching Solutions

I’m Jodie, a teacher who understands all too well the struggle of matching schools with high quality relief teachers. With the support of my right-hand-woman, I developed a cloud-based system to overcome all the hurdles involved in the process and streamline the entire lot.

Working with Professional Teaching Solutions is almost as good as finding the coffee machine in your new relief job comes with your favourite beans, already ground. We’re honest, transparent, and because our system does all the hard work for us, relaxed!

We know everyone involved in finding and filling positions for relief teachers, support staff, and longer placements is dedicated to doing a great job for the most important part of the whole equation – the students.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to ensure it all happens as simply as possible.

How it works

No one needs more paperwork,

so once all the details are entered into our cloud-based software, you’re good to go!

We believe the students benefit,

when the fit between schools and teachers is just right. So, once you’ve registered, you’ll meet with our team over Zoom for an induction.

No one needs more paperwork,

schools can immediately, from anywhere, login and see the list of relief teachers available and teachers can be sure they’re only being put forward for the kind of relief jobs they want and on the dates they’re available.

This means teachers get real-time, access-from-anywhere notifications about new positions and schools can skip the ring around!

No one needs more paperwork,

All certifications are maintained and managed, timesheets are all online in our portal, and our system can be accessed by both schools and teachers on their own devices.

What Professional Teaching Solutions offers

For Relief Teachers

A cloud-based, real-time database of your schools and bookings

The ability to build a profile and include qualifications and speciality subjects

Scheduling capabilities, so you can choose when you want to work (and when you want a sleep-in)

Manage timesheets and payslips online

Pick your preferred schools

Be notified instantly of any available job postings


Free professional development dessions each term

For School

A cloud-based, real-time database of your schools and bookings

Advanced scheduling capabilities, so you can book teachers foranything from casual one day vacancies to long-term jobs such as maternitycover

Timesheet approval in one spot

Find a relief teacher at the push of a button – no more spendinghours ringing around

Pick your preferred teachers (and even your non-preferred ones)

No more insurance or qualification checks; everything is handledin advance by Professional Teaching Solutions

Speed up your booking process by sending requests to multiplerelief teachers at once