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Professional Teaching Solutions
Are you tired of the early morning phone calls, unreliable contact information, and seemingly endless paperwork involved in booking relief teacher jobs?
We hear you.
I’m Jodie Abbott, a career teacher who spotted a great need for a process that kept everyone up to date, in real time, while removing all the fuss and stress from filling teaching jobs.
Professional Teaching Solutions takes all the stress out of relief teaching.
Well, maybe it won’t solve the problems of the canteen not having any gluten free bread left or the missing whiteboard markers!
But now you can simply build your profile, select your schedule, and wait for the work to roll in, rather than play phone tag, scramble to complete paperwork, and struggle with being assigned to subjects that aren’t your forte.
And if you’re a school?
Forget phoning six teachers in the hope that one’s available… and then panicking when none of them are.
Simply check your list of local, qualified, and available relief teachers, send out a request, and have your booking filled in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.
Cheers to that.
Professional Teaching Solutions

Don’t miss out on relief teaching jobs when you don’t have to.

The sign-up process is simple, and we offer support whenever you need it.

Jodie Abbott | Professional Teaching Solutions

Jodie Abbott is a qualified teacher who spent a decade teaching in Melbourne and London before returning to her beloved hometown of Warrnambool in 2009. After spending a frustrating three years booking relief staff through an external hiring agency, she decided to streamline and improves the whole process by forming her own company to match schools with quality relief teachers.

Since 2014, Jodie has worked full-time in her company, Professional Teaching Solutions, which now offers a specifically designed online booking system and an integrated app and continues to grow throughout the Warrnambool district.

Jodie lives with her partner and two children. She loves spending time with her family and friends, is a dedicated foodie, and finds joy in staying active.

Sue Abbott | Professional Teaching Solutions

Aside from being Jodie’s mum, Sue Abbott is the Co-Director of Professional Teaching Solutions and has been head of bookings since the inception of the company. Ever supportive of Jodie’s career as a teacher, she is thrilled to be able to contribute to the important work that schools and teachers provide for their communities.

Sue grew up in the Warrnambool district and spent most of her adult life on her family farm in the south west region. In 2007, she became the proud owner of a fashion store in Port Fairy before drawing on her communication and business management skills to help launch Professional Teaching Solutions in 2013.

Sue’s favourite thing in the world is spending time with her five grandchildren, who have affectionately dubbed her ‘Meme’. Family is at the heart of everything she does, so even when she’s at work she feels at home.

Maddi | Professional Teaching Solutions

Madelaine (Maddi) Barnett is the Administration Manager at Professional Teaching Solutions. A qualified teacher who studied in Ballarat before spending seven years teaching in Melbourne and Warrnambool, she has now shifted her focus from classroom life to a support role in the industry.

During her youth spent in Bairnsdale and Sale, Maddi helped out in her parents’ retail business during holidays which gave her a solid foundation in communication and organisation. She has always been involved in sports, particularly tennis and athletics, and in fact implemented the first tennis and athletics programs at her first teaching role in Melbourne.

Maddi takes every opportunity she gets to be active, and loves being out in the sun. You’ll often find her walking her Labrador while simultaneously pushing a pram and drinking coffee – a true multitasker! Having married a Warrnambool local and had a baby, she has well and truly put down roots here, and is excited to become more involved in the local community.

Professional Teaching Solutions

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so you can be too. You can lean on our systems, processes, and accessibility of our platform so you always know what’s happening, who is available, and what opportunities are on the horizon.

Professional Teaching Solutions

We're dedicated

to making the lives of school staff and relief teachers and support staff easier, more streamlined, and with a reduction of paperwork and admin! We believe this positively impacts the educational outcomes of students.

Professional Teaching Solutions

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We’re a small team devoted to delivering outstanding service to our own, small community of schools, relief teachers, and specialist staff. No matter what your day is throwing at you, we’ll remain approachable, accessible, and provide excellent communication.